Who Offers Plumbing Repairs in Taylors, SC and surround areas?

Capital Plumbing, LLC takes care of residential services

An over-the-counter chemical might get your water flowing again, but for how long? A knowledgeable plumber will get your pipes cleared out so you don't have to worry about another clog the next day. Contact Capital Plumbing today for drain cleaning based in Taylors, SC serving Greenville, Greer, Anderson and Spartanburg and the surrounding area.

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We'll keep your water flowing freely

It doesn't take much water to cause a lot of damage. When you notice any kind of leak in your home or office, call a plumber for professional assistance. Capital Plumbing, LLC offers plumbing repairs in the Taylors, South Carolina as well as Greenville, Greer, Anderson and Spartanburg area.

A trained, experienced plumber will troubleshoot the problem you're having and make recommendations for repairs. We'll take care of:


  • Leaks
  • Broken pipes
  • Toilet replacements
  • Pipe repairs
  • Drain repairs

Made for TV products tout how great liquid products clear a backed up drain. Don't make the mistake of pouring liquid chemicals down your drain. The over the counter liquid chemicals can clear your drain, but it can damage your pipes in the long run. These harsh chemicals can erode and do further damage to your pipes. Also, depending on what is clogged in the drain the chemicals can mix and cause a potential eruption in the pipeline that will leave you very unhappy. When it comes to clogged drains, broken pipes or toilet replacements give the pros at Capital Plumbing a call. We do our best to take care of your plumbing as quickly as possible. Call 864-268-7888 today for drain repairs in Taylors, SC as well as Greenville, Greer, Anderson and Spartanburg area.